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TeamTessa started distributing funds after establishing a base  2012. These funds go to the family directly or to the company needing the payment. TeamTessa also works with companies to get deals for these families.

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TeamTessa is always looking for not only profitable ways to earn money for our cause but also make them enjoyable for those wishing to support us. Click below to see a list of out current and past fundraising efforts.


In our line of work we see too many going without and we have taken it upon ourselves to help care for our neighbors. 

The need for assistance by cancer patients and their families is not a seasonal one. TeamTessa receives requests all year round. We need your donations so that we can continue to provide support all year round!

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Hello All to our TeamTessa amazing supporters. Today we have come to a sad decision to close our organization. This is something that we do with a very heavy heart, but, because of life changes with all of us we are unable to devote the needed time to this organization.

We would like to thank all our donors and supporters over the years. We were able to help so many local Maine people with your support and generous donations over the years. We would not be the Team that we were with out all of you. (3/18/18)

We are a group of Public Safety and Health professionals who have seen firsthand the devastation that cancer has caused local families. In our line of work we see too many going without and we have taken it upon ourselves to help. The money that TeamTessa raises goes back to people in need in our local Maine community. None of the funds we raise go to cancer research; instead, we help those struggling with groceries, fuel assistance, transportation costs, purchasing items such as wigs or prosthetics and for medication co-payment assistance.
Helped Maine families in Hancock, Penobscot & Washington Counties bridge the financial gap while dealing with a cancer diagnosis.