Helped Maine families in Hancock, Penobscot & Washington Counties bridge the financial gap while dealing with a cancer diagnosis. 


Hello All to our TeamTessa amazing supporters. Today we have come to a sad decision to close our organization. This is something that we do with a very heavy heart, but, because of life changes with all of us we are unable to devote the needed time to this organization.

We would like to thank all our donors and supporters over the years. We were able to help so many local Maine people with your support and generous donations over the years. We would not be the Team that we were with out all of you. (3/18/18)

We would like to recognize those who have helped us or continue to help us with events and the set up of TeamTessa. We would not be where we are today with out you!

Darren Briggs, Amy Gutow, Jack Spratt, Christine Spratt, Kathy MacArthur, Johanna Evans, Jena Jones, Emily Hughes, Heather McGlauflin, 

Theresa Cousins, Kelsi Bean, John Malcolm, Andrew Emery, Julie Pelletier, and our entire Public Safety and Hospital Family~~

Susie Parsons, Public Safety Family

Susie is also a great friend of TeamTessa and one day will be able to make it to a TeamTessa event she has helped plan!! :-)

Tom Gutow, RN, Asst. Fire Chief, AEMT

Whenever a TeamTessa member needs to talk and be grounded we enlist the help of Tom. Besides being a great ear he is also a nationally known chef and has assisted us with gourmet delights at our events. Tom serves as an Asst. Fire Chief in Castine and is also a RN Supervisor serving patients at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital.

Scott Parsons, Paramedic

Scott a a big part of TeamTessa on Ellsworth PR events. He is also Tessa, Oriana & Myles' manager at County Ambulance!

our team:

Teamtessa would not be where it is today with the help of these other Team Members



Bob Peterson, President

Bob is a Firefighter/Paramedic for Calais Fire Department. Being one of our founding members, Bob has worked with Tessa and Myles to make this dream of ours come alive. Bob is the motivation behind most of our events and is the rock at the foundation of TeamTessa that Tessa and Myles have come to rely on for support and guidance. Bob is the Team's meet and greet guy always having a smile and making sure we get our name out in the community.

Myles Block, Vice President
Myles is the Code Enforcement Officer and a Firefighter/Paramedic for the Town of Hampden. Myles also spends many hours a week teaching EMS at Eastern Maine Community College & working at County Ambulance in Ellsworth. Myles has been on this TeamTessa journey with Tessa and Bob since day one. Myles' involvement includes most of the details in the background of the organization: Information Technology, graphic design and multimedia. Every now and then you can see Myles come to the forefront giving interviews and providing music entertainment for TeamTessa events.

Oriana Fleming, Fundraising & Marketing

Oriana is the newest member to our leadership team. Professionally, Oriana is an Paramedic for County Ambulance in Ellsworth. Oriana is also an EMT Educator at Eastern Maine Community College. Oriana's came into TeamTessa near the end of 2012 at our Murder at the Juice Joint Fundraiser. Since that time, Oriana has been heavily involved in planning and coordinating our fundraising events and getting our name out in the community. She is the motivation behind our TeamTessa apparel and other merchandise.


our leadership team

TeamTessa History

‚Äč2010 - TeamTessa informally founded by Bob & Myles as an encouragement group while Tessa walked 39.3 miles in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Boston, raised over $1800 for the Avon Foundation

2011 - TeamTessa again supported Tessa in the Avon Walk-Boston, again raised over $1800 for the Avon Foundation

2012 - Third and final Avon Walk, after again raising over $1800 for the Avon Foundation. Tessa, Bob, & Myles started to officially form TeamTessa into a Non-Profit Charitable Organization to keep money raised in our local community.


Tessa is our group's amazing motivator and lead on this organization. Tessa is a full-time Paramedic with County Ambulance in Ellsworth, a full-time mother of 2 wonderful boys and a full-time College Student Studying Elementary Education. Tessa also manages the books and day-to-day operations of the organization. With Bob and Myles, Tessa founded TeamTessa as an organization to help cancer patients in need of items in everyday life just not for cancer research. Without Tessa this organization would have never made it to where it is today or where we are heading in the future.

Our founder